CCTV Standard Operating Procedures

At the entrance to the building there is information about the observation of the hotel areas through the camera system.

An informational directive is available at the hotel from the camera system administrator.

(tel: +420 543 122 550, email:

Any additional information on the operation of the CCTV system is provided by the camera system administrator within the scope of the communication:

  • Administrator ID (name, ID, seat)
  • purpose of processing
  • the scope of processing and categories of personal data (video recording of the camera system)
  • Processing locations (addresses)
  • Recipients of accessible data (law enforcement or administrative authorities for the purpose of misdemeanour proceedings, or other interested parties such as insurance company, etc.)
  • number of cameras
  • record retention times, including informations how to erase data after the retention period,
  • contact details for receiving complaints (such as how, when and to whom a complaint may be delivered).

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